15 Things They Didn’t Tell Me About Having Kids

A humorous reflection on my life as a Mom, so far.


An Open Letter to All Moms

To the Mom working two jobs to make ends meet, stressed about where your next meal might come from, worried over how you're going to make this Christmas, birthday, or holiday special for your children..... To the Mom who's struggling to maintain composure as your child pitches a fit over shoelaces. You're biting your lip…

There’s Always Brussel Sprouts.

So I had an epiphany tonight when taste-testing some brussel sprouts..... I still hate them. That's it. That's the epiphany. It was quite 'monumental' to learn that after 32 years on this earth, I still can't stand the texture or the taste. So after slaving over a hot microwave for three minutes to cook these…