January 2019 Bullet Journal

The new year has crept up on us again! I don’t know about anyone else but I always have really good intentions when I start the year out but it just never seems to go exactly how I planned.

This year I’m trying something new: the Bullet Journal. I’ve been reading about others on Pinterest, who have used it to track their progress and habits, as well as to help create NEW habits.

At the end of December I decided maybe this was something I needed to try.

After seeing the hundreds of ideas others have used in their journals, I decided on a few things that I wanted to include in mine. I knew I wanted to have enough space to write a little blurb about my day, within the daily sections; I wanted to track the few habits I currently have and those I’m working on building; and I wanted to make it look pretty…. that was really about it.

I had anticipated adding in a section for my New Year’s resolutions, but really I think my habit tracker will keep me accountable to that. Also, I’m more of a “vision board” kind of person when it comes to motivation and goals.

Hope you enjoy and much love,

BVM Signature

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