Winterizing : A Mom’s Guide

I get such enjoyment out of any change in seasons. In Texas we have two: Summer and a Mild Winter. My favorite parts are the two days of Fall and Spring that we get somewhere in between..

In the land of eternal summer, any cold air means we are bundled up from head to toe, as soon as the thermometer reaches 60 degrees or lower. Our houses and cars have the heat cranked up to 70+ so that we can survive the “cold front”. That also means that my hair, skin, and nails all need some extra TLC to survive. I hate the feeling of crusty, dry knuckles or tight skin caused by the all drying out..

I’m sure you thought this was a guide to winterizing your home…. if you thought that I’m sorry. I have no idea how to fix any of those problems but here’s a link to a site that might help:

Instead I wanted to talk a little about what we can do for our bodies to help protect against the onslaught of dry air AND drying products.

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Eye Cream


EYE urge you to try this Rosehip and Hibiscus eye cream from LilyAna Naturals. Did you see what I did there?! The product is USDA certified organic and bonus, the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Also… I LOVE this stuff.

Face Cream


So this one I don’t know if I would just call it a cream … aaaand it comes to you in two parts. The first is a vitamin C serum made by Mad Hippie. The benefit to this product is that you could potentially use it both day and night, depending on your needs. However, secondary to this serum, I also really like this Vitamin C Night Repair Cream by Eve Hansen.

Face Mask


I love all the face masks by TonyMoly but in the spirit of hydration, I selected one that I thought would be MOST beneficial during the winter hibernation. The best part about sheet masks is that I don’t have to worry about putting goop all over my fingers or worry about keeping it away from my eyes and hair when I do it.

Non-drying Face Wash


So I have all sorts of skin issues, but the most prevalent is acne. Because of this, most of my face washes are one of two extremes: extra drying (due to additives that target acne and breakouts) or extremely mild (to avoid a breakout over the introduction of a new product). CeraVe is about the only facewash I have found that does not cause a breakout on its’ own, nor does it dry me out! My everyday wash is the original version of this same product, but with winter on our heels I will be switching to this version asap.

Hand Cream


Have you ever heard of the phrase “don’t knock it ’til you try it”? I’ll just leave that here on this one. I have horribly dry hands and this stuff is the bees knees for hand care even without the gloves. I love the scented creams you can get at name brand stores but I usually have to apply them over and over again to get my hands soft enough. Good thing about this is it’s unscented! Currently using this for my 30 Days of Nail Care Challenge (which I will link to once it’s completed).

Cuticle Cream/Oil


Hands down, the greatest part about this stuff is that it doesn’t drip down my fingertips and make everything a mess just because it’s oily/greasy. It’s also one of the better cuticle “oil” products I’ve tried. It goes on with a thick, clear, creamy texture (similar to a lotion) rather than an oil, and the brush makes it easy to apply directly to the cuticle. The smell is amazing too!

Body Lotion

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So two parts to this are not actually a lotion, but I don’t know how you could buy one without the others. SheaMoisture’s 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Baby Lotion with Sweet Pea & Murumuru (try saying that 5x fast). I was actually trying to find a baby wash when I came across this product. As soon as I smelled it, I knew I needed to try it for myself. #sorrynotsorry kids. This stuff makes your skin so soft when you wash – my legs felt baby smooth (no pun intended) and the lotion just made it even better – if you can imagine that. The smell is wonderful. It’s a soft, musky scent that’s not overwhelming to the senses at all. I am adding the oil to my Amazon cart as I speak, so I also included it in here in case you need the whole set like I do.

Foot Scrub


This step is important!! You have to slough off the old in order to protect the new! As a runner, it has always been important to take care of my feet. I routinely soak, scrub, and file when I trim my toe nails (I can’t do one without the other – just like I shave every time I shower because the routine is off when I don’t do it). I really like this scrub with the addition of tea tree oil. It is fantastic for people like me, whose feet are regularly sweaty and can be susceptible to athlete’s foot.

Foot Lotion


Following a good scrub, I like to apply lotion directly after. If I’m not going straight to bed (because I don’t know what kind of magic it is that allows some of you to sleep in socks) I will put my socks on and let them “soak” for a good hour or more. This stuff acts like a foot mask and lotion in one! You can thank me later.

Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

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Maui Moisture hair products are THEBOMB.COM (I’m showing my age here aren’t I?). Seriously, I have yet to find a scent or product that I didn’t immediately fall in love with. I’ve used almost all but the one for curly hair – because obviously my straight-as-a-board-wont-hold-a-curl-to-save-my-life hair doesn’t need that kind of negativity. This thicken + restore is my go-to though. It’s great for that brittle dry hair we all tend to get. Unless you’re me and you have it year round… And I use all three of the above pretty regularly, provided I haven’t run out of it!! The best part is that is smells freaking amazeballs. I remember showering at the gym (back when I used to go there haha) and some random lady stopped at my stall while I was lathering up, just to ask me what it was I was using that smelled so good!

Hair Mask


Amika products have come highly recommended from a number of sources. My own experience with recommendation comes directly from YouTube beauty videos!! Really though, this stuff is very nice. Don’t let the price tag scare you – it’s well worth the investment when the product works! I only use this once a week or less so it will last for some time (depending on the length of your hair).



This one is pretty self-explanatory. Drink your water people! Aim to get a full 8 (8 oz) glasses at the very least. However, what better way to do it than in style. I JUST bought this awesomeness and I can’t wait to try it out at work!! The bonus to this one in particular? It comes with a straw….


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While it’s probably obvious that we need to take vitamins, it’s usually the first thing I forget! Here are some of my favorites: with a link to both hair, skin, and nail, as well as a daily multivitamin. These suckers look cool too! Orb also makes some other multivitamins specific to energy, focus, a heart complex, or sleep aid. Looks like I might be adding to my stash soon. If anyone has tried any of the others let me know if you like them please!

Hope you all enjoyed my Winterizing Guide. Stay warm and keep your bodies hydrated!

Much love,

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