5 Ways to Wear: Chunky Knit Sweater

5 Ways to Wear

How often do you guys look in your closet and think “I have absolutely NOTHING to wear”? This is me almost every day. I bounce routinely from this to, “How’d that get in there?” So I decided to challenge myself over the next few weeks, to pick an item from my closet and find 4-5 different ways of styling it.

BVM Closet


There’s a few reasons why I think re-purposing or refreshing an item of clothing is the best approach.

#1 I’M POOR – I know that’s a huge shocker to you all. I’m sure that based on my surroundings you expected that I live a life of luxury. I’d like to say that I am rich in love and money poor.

#2 I’M STILL POOR – Again, I am still waiting on them to call and tell me I’ve got thousands of unclaimed money somewhere. That or I’m banking on a HUGE lotto payout (maybe I should actually play so that it might increase my odds).

#3 I LIKE TO CALL MY STYLE “VINTAGE” – Really I think I lack a specific “style”. I gravitate towards comfortable, classic pieces. I am drawn in by items with that vintage style/flair but usually lack the confidence to pull it off. My work attire includes lots of slacks and neutral tops. Black is a color often seen in my wardrobe. I do wear dresses when I feel up to walking around in heels – except on weekends… then it’s all blue jeans/warm-ups and pajamas all day long.

#4 A LOT OF MY CLOTHES ARE HAND-ME-DOWNS OR I’VE PURCHASED USED –  This is partially due to personal preference and partially due to the fact that clothes are expensive! ThredUp for the win! I have nothing but admiration for women who look pulled together 100% of the time. That is also not me. These women have made an effort to put money into their wardrobes buying nice shoes, dresses, even makeup, and I applaud them. However, with three kids and a husband, my resources are a little thin. I DID buy a fancy work dress at Old Navy once, so GO ME!

#5 DID I MENTION I’M POOR – I’m working on this one. I want to be a Pinterest-worthy style icon, but I’ll settle for Amazon-Prime-worthy.

In all seriousness though – I do love to shop. Be it at the thrift store, online, or anywhere in between. And for as much as I enjoy seeking out and purchasing the components to a knockout outfit…. I don’t always have the funds to do so. In that spirit my Mom, Aunt, and me all wear about the same size and so we’ve amassed a sort of “time-share” for clothing. What leaves one closet, makes it’s way to another’s. This tends to be a one-sided process as I’m usually on the receiving end of said time-share, rather than the giving end.

I’ve tried my best to provide links to the exact items I’m wearing, but when all else failed I searched for a viable alternative!

 “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

I give you: The Chunky Knit Sweater.

BVM Sweater


I loved this item as soon as I grabbed it from our “time-share” (see above). It’s extremely comfortable and hides my Mom-Bod perfectly. For as much as I adored it from the minute I saw it, I also had no clue what to pair it with. All I knew was that I wasn’t going to pass on it.

The Monochrome Look

Keeping the color palette neutral, I paired it with some black skinny jeans, and nude booties. I love these shoes! You can grab you a pair, here.

The Color Pop


Bright red skinny jeans and cheetah print flats helped complete this look.

Dressed Up

While my hair might not have been great (I forgot to mentioned that I fail miserably as a hairstylist – think Miss Trunchbull from the movie ‘Matilda’ [1996]), I do think that even this chunky sweater can be dressed up by wearing it over a sleek little black dress and paired with heels. Not sure that it would have the same feel over a less-fitted skirt though…. I may have to try that just for giggles.

Dressed Down

I love leggings. Anytime I can get away with wearing them…. I do. I will pair them with ALL THE THINGS. So I had to try them with this sweater. I just added a pair of black riding boots and ta-da! I give you: the more comfortable monochromatic look.

The Pajama Look

BVM Pajamas

I’m kidding – sorta. I was testing the camera at this point to make sure I wasn’t taking shots of my forehead… I’ll be honest though… this might make it into my weekend rotation. Just sayin’.

Thanks for sticking around.

BVM Signature


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