There’s Always Brussel Sprouts.

So I had an epiphany tonight when taste-testing some brussel sprouts….. I still hate them. That’s it. That’s the epiphany.

It was quite ‘monumental’ to learn that after 32 years on this earth, I still can’t stand the texture or the taste. So after slaving over a hot microwave for three minutes to cook these bad boys, I promptly threw them in the garbage. Where they belong.

In all seriousness though, I can make a metaphor out of damn near anything, and brussel sprouts are pretty much like anything else you’ve tried or done in your lifetime that doesn’t seem to get better. There are things we do in life that are still bad for us no matter how often we’ve tried or how many times go back to them. They still suck the life right out of us. And guess what…. like my brussel sprouts, you need to throw it in the garbage.

Emotional baggage, self-hate, trash talking one another? Brussel sprouts. Toss it out. Abusive relationships, negative friendships, exercise? Brussel sprouts. (Kidding about the exercise…. sort of, lol).

Here’s the thing – we get sucked into thinking that the more we go back to something, the more we will learn to like it or to deal with it. We have this mindset that it will get better. “Just keep plugging away, things will get better.”

And here’s the thing: sometimes it doesn’t.

Whenever we feel ourselves being sucked back into that cycle, for as long as we can, fight against it. I realize there are many instances when this is impossible (clinical depression, etc) without medical help. That’s not what I’m referring to here though.

I am talking about more tactile things, changeable attitudes. Toss out the things not bringing you joy. Stop yourself when you catch that Judgmental Judy creeping in. Toss out the negative self talk when you look in the mirror.

What I’m saying is, don’t eat the brussel sprouts. Resist. Throw it out.

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