New Year’s Mom-Solutions

So how about 2018, amiright? I can’t be the only one excited for what’s to come, am I? For argument’s sake, let’s just agree that I’m only a few days behind getting my resolutions ironed out. Here’s the thing though…. instead of making the same resolution I make every year (get fit and eat healthier is my go-to), I brainstormed a little. What a better way to make a lasting resolution than to make it something I actually WANT to accomplish?!

I know! What a novel idea right?!

So here’s my top five “mom-solutions” (I’m so original with my kitschy phrases, lol):


I want to give my kids more experiences, but it’s not always an easy thing to do when usually my reply is “no we can’t do that because of ……” There’s always a resounding BUT. I want to be a YES mom. That means stepping outside of my comfort zone sometimes and just saying yes to ice cream for breakfast or having that friend over even when my house looks like a train wreck. Because lets face it – what kid truly cared that their friend’s house was messy? All they want is to play! Of course it will have to be baby steps for me to learn to loosen up a little. I’m definitely more of the nevermind-let-me-do-it kind of Mom when it comes to letting my kids help me out with pretty much all the things.


I made a very distinct decision to make 2018 a self-love year. I originally though to put self-care, but I think self-love is a much better choice. I want to take this year to make a point NOT to put myself down. When I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see I WILL NOT TALK DOWN TO MYSELF. I want to do more for me. This might mean more self-care as in facials, exercise, drink more water, etc; but regardless of the route I take, I will not allow me to defeat me (if that makes sense?). There’s already enough negative talk outside of my own head – thank you internet – and I refuse to allow it to take hold.


I know this very well could fall into the ‘self-love’ category but I thought it best to actually make a point to see this as a mom-solution. I will take a moment throughout the day, just for myself. It’s so easy with kids and work and husband and chores and I think you’re getting the point. Whether it be first thing in the morning or the last thing I do at night, I want to take even just 5 minutes to myself where I do something I want to do. Even if that one thing is just to sit in my recliner with my eyes closed. And I’ll be damned if I don’t take advantage of this particular mom-solution when I’ve got more than 5 minutes! HAHA!


Remember that load of laundry you folded last week and didn’t put away? Do it! You know that nail polish you haven’t bothered to take off in three months? Do it! I know it’s easy to procrastinate when it comes to major trials and discomforts in your life. But what about the small things that slowly start to eat away at you? I want to make it a point to STOP that cycle. If I know something needs doing, I want to see it through and get it done! Counter-intuitive to the post about taking time for myself, I know – because it’s in those quiet moments that I remember all the things I want to get done. However my thinking is that by staying on top of this small things, it will keep them from becoming overwhelming when they HAVE to be done – or keep them from snowballing into major issues. I’ve never know old nail polish to become a huge issue but who am I to argue?


LOL! This last mom-solution really does make me giggle. Who am I kidding?!?! But seriously… I am not an organized Mom. We don’t have a command center. We don’t have schedules. I can’t even remember what’s on my grocery list half the time! But I want to get better at this. So the first step was, I bought a planner to fill with important dates like doctors appointments and birthdays I want to remember (like my husband’s – DO NOT tell him I said that). Even if I just do one thing that helps me to be more organized and slowly work in more and more, I am hoping it will end well. I will definitely keep you all posted on that.

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