The Day-After Meltdown

So here it is, the day after Thanksgiving… and I don’t know about anyone else but I’m totally exhausted. Here’s the kicker: I didn’t do anything but make cookies yesterday. Yup. That’s all. That was my amazing contribution to yesterday’s feast. To be fair, they ALL got eaten.

Even my boys are acting out today. Not sure what it is about the holidays. Maybe it’s the big build up, and then in the blink of an eye it’s over? Leaving us bereft and wanting more? I don’t even know. What I can tell you is that my nine year old is laying on the floor having a melt down because I’m ignoring his tantrum over medicine. It’s just after 8:00 am and I’m really wishing I wasn’t pregnant just so I could add a little alcohol to this coffee I’m drinking.

Black Friday isn’t even appealing at all. I’d much rather do all my shopping online, while I stare glassy-eyed at my computer, sans makeup and possibly clothing. Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t even know what to get my kids this year. I’ll probably end up getting them exactly what they don’t want and I’m sure the tantrums will ensue shortly after Christmas as well. “I wanted a real monster truck not a hot wheels car” … “I told you I wanted an iPhone for Christmas, not a board game!” You know…. the usual. Parenting is hard amiright?!

Here’s the deal though – I sit here and I’m totally stressed out, my boys are driving me nuts and even as I type I’m getting the whole ‘everyone just hates me’ whine in the background. But holidays with kids aren’t something I’d trade for the entire world. As worked up as they get, as tired or exhausted as I am, I love even the minute moments when I get to see them truly excited and happy. Words I’ll have to repeat to myself many MANY times today in the hopes I don’t lose my sanity.

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