The Top 5 Free Pregnancy Apps

When I first found out I was pregnant I immediately got on my phone and downloaded almost every pregnancy app available. I probably had 15+ taking up room on my phone – and most were downright crap. So Moms I’ll save you some time, and give you my list of top 5 free pregnancy app contenders.

#1 Nuture

This app is created by Glow, and by far, offers the best interactive design. While it does less than others by way of seeing baby’s size and shape via interactive model, it does make up for it by having an awesome community dynamic. If you are really looking to connect with other Moms and Mom Groups, I would highly recommend you check this app out. Nurture also offers Mommy-to-be a place to track daily info such as mood, weight, symptoms, sleep, etc. Bonus is, that all of this come with the free version. Users do have the option to upgrade their account to the premium version for a fee charged at monthly, yearly, or a single lifetime rate.

#2 Ovia Pregnancy

Ovia Pregnancy is created by Ovuline, Inc. If any of you TTC-ers our there have used the Ovia app to track periods and ovulation, you may already be familiar with the layout of Ovia Pregnancy. They are very similar. My favorite part of the app is the ability to compare baby’s size to different objects (the app gives you 4 preset options to pick from). It also gives you a mini-preview if baby’s hand and foot size at your current pregnancy stage. Ovia Pregnancy does offer a community page where users can post questions anonymously….. the downside being that posts are only up for a limited amount of time. While there may be a way around it, I did find myself hovering near my phone to see any responses to questions I asked, hoping that the time limit wouldn’t remove them from view before I could read! All things aside the boys really do like checking in each week to see baby’s progress. Definitely a fun one if you have older kiddos, and helps them to visualize what’s going on in that belly!

#3 Sprout

Sprout was created by Med ART Studios, and is definitely my number three choice. However some may be turned off by its very basic application. Really, the main draw is being able view baby’s size, and read up on the week’s progress within the womb. What makes it SO great, however, is the ability to zoom in and actually interact with the 3-D baby replica. You also have the option to move forwards and backwards within your baby’s timeline and see weeks in advance what you can expect within the womb. Outside of the obvious excuse to check on baby’s growth, Sprout does give you the option to create journal entries. This is also another fun one to use with older siblings, as they’re able to watch their baby grow right before their eyes. Bonus: turn your sound on and you can even hear a replica of what baby’s heartbeat might sound like.

#4 Baby Bump

Baby Bump is developed by the Alt12 Apps, LLC and honestly there was a lot to like about this app. It gives you daily and weekly insights into baby’s development. Baby Bump also offers a great group messaging/community board with options to follow any and all. There’s also a few ‘pregnancy tools’ that some might find useful, such as a journal, kick counter, and contraction timer. I haven’t found myself using this app as often as the other three, but still a great layout and easy to navigate my way around. I really do like the daily updates, even if some don’t really apply to me.

#5 The Bump

The Bump is created by The Knot, Inc. Anyone who’s ever planned a wedding might be familiar with their wedding resources. The Bump follows similarly, offering a great app full of vibrant colors and links to some good reads on the subjects of babies and pregnancy. There is a weekly tracker, along with a planner function that allows you to update your appointments, etc., and links directly to your phone calendar. The community function is a little less comprehensive than most of the other apps on this list, but certainly doesn’t rule this one out. Of the five apps, for me The Bump has been the least used. As much as I enjoy the articles it links to, I really prefer a much more interactive app.

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